AZ Hotshots - Captain moves up to 16u.  Adds key players for upcoming season.

On August 5th the team held a joint try-out with Hotshots Gold - Davis and had a great turn out.  After evaluating over 40 players we added Hannah DiFabio, Bailee Cordova, Vanessa Hunt, Taylor Meyers,  Morgan Greene, Lauren Klimkowski and Keeley Yeager to our 2017-2018 roster.  After a follow up try-out the team added Jade Ng and Alexia Boring to the roster.  We are excited to have these new young ladies on the team.

16u - Captain

AZ Hotshots 14u - Captain travels to So Cal to participate in Premier Girls Fastpitch (PGF) Nationals

The team had a great time competing in So Cal in the 14u Platinum division.  The competition was fierce and the team did well by having an opportunity to win every game they competed in. 


AZ Hotshots 14u - Captain places 15th at 2017 TC/USA Nationals in Austin, TX

The team traveled to Austin, TX to compete against some of the top teams in the nation.  The team finished with a 4-4 record, placed 15th and had some impressive victories including a tight 2-0 win over Texas Dirt Divas.  

AZ Hotshots - Captain brings home the championship at the 2017 USSSA The Patriot 16u.

The team played very well together during their first tournament of the year.  Team defense was excellent as the players showed lots of consistency, versatility & speed.  Pitchers (Morgan Greene, Vanessa Hunt & Jade Ng) all contributed on the mound.  Team offense generated lots of runs and base running was outstanding.  Morgan Greene (Pitcher) came in as a reliever during the championship game and shut down Firecrackers - Munoz as the team eventually grabbed the lead for good. 

AZ Hotshots 14u - Captain finishes its 2016/2017 with a national ranking of #44

The team had a very aggressive travel schedule and had the opportunity to play some of the best teams in the nation.  They competed well in TCS Sparkler Power Pool, TC / USA Elite Nationals and PGF Platinum with notable victories against ACES - Creamer, Corona Angels - Humphries,  Corona Angels - Perez, Coronal Angels - Bertillon/Zavala,  ACES Express Prospects, Firecrackers TJ and the 2017 PGF National Champions Texas Dirt Divas.