AZ Hotshots '02 adds key players to roster for 2016 / 2017 season - July 2016

The team has added Jessica Mercado #9, Aubrey Chavez #4, Lela Allen #17, Megan Hedlund #18, Mia Perez #88 and Jennifer Singh #21 to it's roster for the upcoming season.  Each of these players are highly skilled and accomplished and when combined with a strong core of returning players they help form a team that will be able to compete at a higher level.  The team looks forward to working hard at practice to develop and sharpen their skills, competing on the field and having fun along the way. 

AZ Hotshots '02 places 1st in USSSA 14u The Road Runner  - April 2016

The team went 3 - 0 in pool play outscoring their opponents 24 - 3 and went 4 - 0 in bracket play including a very exciting victory over Firecrackers 14u - Feliccia in the championship game to come out on top in a field of 16 teams.  This was another dominate performance by the team.

AZ Hotshots '02 places 1st in USSSA 14u Feliz Navidad - December 2015

Out of field of 28 teams AZ Hotshots '02 was able to overcome a rough Saturday and come through big on Sunday when it counted.  The team won 5 games in a row and outscored their opponents 57 - 26 to bring home the championship.

AZ Hotshots '02 accepted to participate in TCS Zoom in June - January 2016

The team is excited to part of the TCS Zoom in June.  This prestigious event typically draws over 170 college coaches from throughout the country and will provide our players the opportunity to gain exposure this year and at future "Zoom in June" events.

Gianna Memoli Joins AZ Hotshots '02 - November 2015

AZ Hotshots '02 needed to add another pitcher to their roster and we are excited to add Gianna to our pitching rotation.  All of our coaches agree that Gianna has a lot of potential and will be a solid addition to our team.

AZ Hotshots '02 places 1st in USSSA 14u Spoiled Bat  - April 2016

20 teams were entered in this event.  The team went 3-0 with victories over Firecrackers 14u - Knezevich, AZ Bombers - Allen and Lil Saints - Spencer.  The went on to go 4-0 in bracket play including a great pitching performance by Loganne Stepp to beat Suncats - Sgambati 2 -1 in the championship.

AZ Hotshots '02 places 2nd in USSSA 16u Hey Buddy - February 2016

As a first year 14u team the AZ Hotshots '02 decided to take it up a notch and play in this 16u event.  After going 1-1 in pool play the team was able to fight their way to 3 wins in a row in bracket play and reach the championship game against AZ Hotshots - Gil.  The team had a rough start in the championship game but played some solid innings towards the end of the game.  The team showed that they can compete very well in the older 16u division.  

AZ Hotshots '02 places 1st in USSSA 14u Swing into Spring - February 2016

The team went 8 - 0 for the weekend to bring home the championship.  This included several come from behind victories that brought added excitement and showed the toughness and determination of the players.

AZ Hotshots '02 accepts berth to USA Elite Select "World FP Championships" - February 2016

The team is excited to participate in the USA Elite Select "World Fastpitch Championships scheduled for July 10th - 16th in Kansas City, MO.  This event is building it's national presence and has a solid growing list of teams that will be participating.

Hannah Vargas Joins AZ Hotshots '02 - August 2015

AZ Hotshots '02 appreciates all of the players who came to our try-outs.  We had the opportunity to evaluate many players to fill a vacant roster spot.  The team is very excited to announce that Hannah Vargas will be joining our team.  Hannah clearly showed that she had the skills and the talent necessary to make an immediate contribution to our team.   We look forward to a great season with Hannah and our returning players.

2015 ASA 12u Nationals - August 2015

AZ Hotshots '02 finishes in 9th place in the 2015 ASA 12u Nationals in Sacramento, CA.  Congratulations to all of the players for an outstanding finish to an incredible year!!! 

Try-Outs Announced for 2015 / 2016 roster - August 2015

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm on Thursday, August 6th at Papago Park 1000 N. College Ave in Tempe

8:30 am - 11:00 am on Saturday, August 8th at Papago Park 1000 N. College Ave in Tempe