​2016 Fall Tournament Schedule

Sep 10th - 11th        Hotshots Gil Friendly - Phoenix

Sep 30th - Oct 2nd  TCS Showcase at BLD 14u - West Covina/Chino Hills, CA  Approved!

Oct 8th - 9th             USA Elite Select Qualifier 14u - BLD / Gilbert, AZ

Oct 22nd - 23rd       TCS Fireworks Sparkler NIT 14u - San Diego, CA  Approved!

​Nov 4th - 6th            TCS AZ Fro Show 14u - Rose Mofford / Phoenix, AZ

Nov 12th - 13th        USSSA Thanksgiving Shoot Out 14u - Rio Vista / Peoria, AZ  Approved!

Nov 18th - 20th        TCS Don Battles On 14u - Chino Hills / Riverside, CA  Approved!

Dec 3rd - 4th             9 Stars Holiday Toy Drive 16u - Desert West / Phoenix, AZ 

Dec 10th - 11th        USSSA Feliz Navidad 16u - Rose Mofford / Phoenix, AZ       

2017 Spring / Summer Tournament Schedule

Jan 7th - 8th               9 Stars AZ Hotshots New Years Kick-Off 18u

Jan 21st - 22nd          USSSA ES 14u Double Down Super 32 - Las Vegas, NV ​Approved!

​​Jan 28th - 29th           USSSA Classic 18u

​Feb 11th - 12th          USSSA Team Sports Open 14u (Spring Team)

​Feb 25th - 26th          USSSA Swing into Spring 14u (Spring Team)

Mar 11th - 12th         ASA St. Paddy's Day Blast 14u - Las Vegas, NV (Spring Team)

Mar 25th - 26th         USSSA The Roadrunner 14u (Spring Team)

​April 8th - 9th            TCS Big League Dreams 14u - Chino Hills / Riverside, CA (Spring Team)

Apr 22nd - 23rd        TCS April's Finest / OnDeck 14u - Hemet, CA (Spring Team)

May 13th - 14th        USSSA Dash for Cash 14u 

May 20th - 21st         PGF National Qualifier 14u - Phoenix
May 27th - 28th        PGF National Qualifier 14u - New Mexico

June 3rd - 4th            PGF National Qualifier 14u - Las Vegas

June 8th - 11th          TCS Zoom into June 14u - Hemet, CA  Approved!   
June 24th - July 2nd TCS Junior Sparkler 14u Power Pool - Erie, CO  
July 10th - 13th         TC/USA Nationals 14u - Austin, TX     

July 29th - Aug 5th    PGF Nationals 14u - Huntington Beach, CA  Platinum Approved!!!  


2017 Fall - Winter Tournament Schedule 

​(Rough draft and subject to change)

Sep 9th - 10th           USSSA The Patriot - Phoenix

Sep 23rd  - 24th       USSSA JUCO Challenge - Phoenix

Sep 30th - Oct 1       9 Stars Future Stars - Phoenix

Oct 14th - 15th        9 Stars Yellow Ball Gold Coast Hotshots Showcase - Phoenix

Oct 27th - 28th         Sun Classic Fall Showcase (D-9) - Orlando, FL**   

Nov 4th - 5th            9 Stars FroShow - Phoenix

Nov 10th - 12th        USA Elite Select Thanksgiving Shoot-Out / OnDeck - Phoenix

Nov 17th - 19th        TCS The Don Battles On - Chino Hills, CA 

Dec 1st - 3rd             9 Stars Holiday Toy Drive - Phoenix

​Dec 9th - 10th           USSSA Feliz Navidad - Phoenix

​Jan 6th - 7th              9 Stars Hotshots New Years Kick-Off - Phoenix

​Jan 20th - 21st          USA Elite Select Super 32 - Las Vegas, NV

​Jan 27th - 28th          USSSA Classic - Phoenix      

2017 Spring / Summer Tournament Schedule

TBD                             PGF National Qualifier - Phoenix

June 8th - 10th          TCS Zoom into June - Hemet, CA     

June 14th - 17th        Pennsbury Invitational**

June 24th - July 1st   TCS Junior Sparkler - Westminster, CO  
July 9th - 12th            TC/USA Nationals - Atlanta, GA  

July 9th - 15th            USA ES World Fast Pitch - Kansas City, MO     

July 29th - Aug 4th    PGF Nationals - Huntington Beach, CA  

** Indicates that we may blend with AZ Hotshots Gold - Davis to fill a roster. 

16u - Captain

2016 USA Elite Select Desert Duel - Champions